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About Us

We pride ourselves in supplying the best coffee at the best prices to coffee drinkers all over South Africa. There is no longer any need to invest in expensive pods and coffee machines any longer in order to have a good cuppa at home. Now you can be your own barista, without having to pay an arm and a leg. Our coffee pods are of the highest quality and are as good, if not better, than the many more expensive pods available on the market. Instant coffee will be a thing of the past, and you will be satisfied with every cup of delicious fresh coffee, with every single sip.

We stock only the best brands of coffee pods. For your brewing pleasure…

Caffe Luxe sources the finest coffee from around the world and delivers it with maximum freshness and convenience to customers worldwide. Our espressos entice the senses by encapsulating the freshness and aroma of the finest beans into Nespresso™ compatible coffee capsules.

Café Caps Capsules are packed and sealed within minutes of grinding to ensure the freshest coffee quality, which conforms to the definition of a Gourmet Coffee as defined by the “Speciality Coffee Association” and results in the most delicious taste possible.

The master coffee baristas from Vida e Caffe present the Vida Nespresso™ compatible Coffee Capsule. Vida’s mission is simple: To provide the best espresso and coffee drinking atmosphere on the planet.

Sienna Espresso machine is easy to use and ideal for any home, office, boardroom or kitchen. Compatible with Nespresso™, Caffe Luxe and Café Caps capsules, the Sienna Espresso machine offers style with versatility and is available in red or black.